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Rules & Forum Guidelines
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General Forum Rules
  • Bumping and/or trolling other members threads is absolutely prohibited! Do not comment other people's advertising posts and offerings! Bumping and trolling a thread or post refers to posting useless information and/or any other action to deliberately keep a thread to the top of a forum section. You are not allowed to bump your own thread as well! If you have to say something important, which changes the offering, you can post it however
  • Be polite! Any form of rudeness should not be tolerated within the message boards. If a forum member is intentionally unpleasant or disruptive, one's account will be banned without warning
  • Spamming is other members in any manner will result in permanent account suspension! Spamming includes using the PM option to send ads or suggest anyone a product or service
  • You are allowed to have one account only! You might mislead us and create more, but sooner or later when we find this, all related  accounts will be banned. Please note you may not share your account with anyone
  • The official language of the Web Hosting Ad Board (WHAB) is English language. No other languages are allowed in threads, posts, titles, signatures
  • A thread or post made with the sole purpose of showing a signature is defined as "Signature SPAM" (determined by WHAB moderators) is forbidden in all forum categories.
  • Posting commissions, referral or affiliate links in the forums is prohibited
  • Posting duplicate threads or posts (Cross-posting) and/or the linking to threads and/or posts already created in your forum account is not allowed
  • No one is allowed to post on behalf a members who got their account banned
  • Trying to post words or URLs that are censored and avoiding the censorship by adding spaces, dots or substituting characters is prohibited
  • Linking to websites (images, videos or other files) that contain pornography, sexually explicit, gross violence's prohibited
  • A Forum user must make five (2) posts before allowed to add "Signature"
  • WHAB users may not post reviews or recommendations in "Web Hosting Reviews" section, unless they can prove they are a customer of the provider they want to review
  • Discussing, recommending, praising or belittling other members' services or products or without being a customer and an experience with a certain product or service is prohibited
  • Rules & Guidelines may not be publicly debated. If you believe that something could be improved feel free to contact us by PM. However publicly debating moderators' actions or enforcement the Rules will result in account suspension
Web Hosting Offers Forum Rules
  • "Registered User" or "User" is limited to one (1) advertising thread per 30 days, posted in each section of the "Web Hosting Offers". This means you can post 4 advertising threads in total, one in "Shared Hosting", one in "Reseller Accounts", one in "VPS Hosting" and one in "Dedicated Hosting" section for example. If you want to post more often (in 7 days period), apply for "Trusted Provider" status! The membership costs $55/year! PM the forum Moderators to apply for "Trusted Web Host" status!
  • Trashing or trolling any thread, including bumping your own your thread is prohibited in the General Rules. Remember this please!
  • Do not comment or criticize other user's advertising threads! It is not your business and you may get your WHAB account banned
  • Do not make your advertising posts flashy! Keep them clean and simple. Do not use more than 2 colors and 2 font styles and sizes.
Profiles, Signatures and Titles
  • WHAB members can create a Signature after they made 2 threads or post.
  • Signature must be setup in your profile, not manually added to threads and posts.
  • No pricing, plans, sales information must be presented in the signatures
  • No "Free" or "Unlimited" in the signatures.
  • Only two (2) clickable links can be posted in signatures
  • Keep signatures into up to four (4) lines (in 1024x768 resolution)
  • Do not use more than two (2) colors (black + 2 colors)
  • Standard size only. Do not increase font size!
  • May not contain links to other threads or posts
  • Do not intentionally put special characters. Keep them to a minimum
WHAB reserves the right to ask you to change, to change itself or to remove your signature at any time, for any reason.

Please also note that URLs or any forms of advertising such as - phone numbers, service plans, products or contact details - are not allowed in custom user titles or names. Profile Summary may not include or link to any websites, pages of file that encourage, promote or display illegal activities, harassment or sexually explicit content.

Privacy Policy

WHAB will not release any member information unless under court order we must to do so. We reserve the right to modify and amend the "Rules and Guidelines" at any time without notice. It is member's responsibility to remain informed of our policies.

Account Suspension

We further, reserve our right to disable and/or permanently suspend any WHAB member account and/or profile at any time for any reason and without notice.
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